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UB-SAFER (UB Students Avoiding Further Exposure to Risk)

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What is UB-SAFER?
UB-SAFER is an educational intervention program for University at Buffalo students who have violated university alcohol or other drug policies, as well as students who feel that they would benefit from the program.

What is the message of the UB-SAFER program?
The overall message of our program is that students can reduce the consequences of high-risk drinking or other drug use by utilizing harm-reduction strategies. Through dialogue with students, we explore options for reducing risk to one's self and reducing the secondary negative effects for the university community as a whole.

What is harm reduction?
Harm reduction is a proven approach for working with student misperceptions and high-risk behaviors, and moving students in the direction of reducing negative consequences from drinking and other drug use.

What is the role of the UB-SAFER program?
The UB-SAFER program is designed to reinforce university policies and support student decision making to reduce high risk behaviors and help students achieve academic success. Wellness Education Services works in collaboration with Campus Living and the Student Wide Judiciary to identify students who would benefit from this intervention.

How does UB-SAFER accomplish this goal?
After completing a brief screening tool, the UB-SAFER program places students into one of three specialized groups, or tiers, listed below. History of prior campus violations may also determine which group students will attend. Once it is known which tier program a student should attend, he or she can be registered for a UB-SAFER session.

Tier 1––2.5-hour group educational class for lower risk alcohol and other drug use

Tier 2––2.5-hour group educational class for higher risk alcohol and other drug use

Tier 3––Individual session with Wellness Education Services substance abuse specialist

How are students referred?
In the majority of cases students will be referred by staff from Campus Living or the Student Wide Judiciary. However, students can self refer into the program and UB staff and faculty can encourage students to sign-up for the program. For further information, call Marla McBride at 645-6937.

How often are the sessions offered, when and where?
UB-SAFER classes are offered at least once a week during the Fall and Spring semesters. Class locations and times may vary. Classes are usually held on weekday afternoons. Available class times are posted on the Tier 1 and Tier 2 online request forms that are posted on this webpage. If a class is no longer posted that means that it is full and is closed for registration. Please complete the appropriate online request form to refer a student to a Tier 1 or Tier 2 class.

For further information call Sharlynn Daun-Barnett at 645-6939 or Marla McBride at 645-6937.

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