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Our Philosophy

Wellness Education Services is the health promotion arm of the Student Wellness Team (with Counseling and Health Services). By utilizing environmental management strategies and a public health approach our program targets individual, community level and campus wide culture change. Our philosophy for the reduction of high-risk drinking and related consequences is represented by these assumptions:

  1. Most college students make responsible choices in regard to their alcohol and other drug use, although the overall perception is that most students are using these substances in a high-risk way. It is essential to correct this mis-perception in order to positively shift student attitudes and behaviors to a healthier profile.
  2. A comprehensive approach to alcohol prevention must foster a campus culture that supports a balanced lifestyle by providing substance-free events and programs, creating policies to keep the community safe and maintaining partnerships with on and off campus resources to fully meet the needs of our students.
  3. While approximately 70% of students do not drink or drink in lower risk ways, we believe that students who use substances can reduce negative consequences by using harm-reduction strategies.

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Women & Alcohol

There are several biological reasons that women's bodies cannot process alcohol as fast as men, including:


There has been a slight rise in marijuana use in the past few years though overall use is still relatively low. Sixty-eight percent of UB students reported that they had never used marijuana (National College Health Assessment, 2016). Some students uphold mis-perceptions about the effects of marijuana on the body, believing it is a safe alternative to alcohol or even tobacco.

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UB Programs and Partnerships

UB-SAFER (Students Avoiding Further Exposure to Risk)

The UB-SAFER program is an educational resource available to all students who wish to learn more about potential consequences associated with drug and alcohol usage. The program offers education in a safe environment to help students make healthy decisions. Referrals to this program are often made through the Student Wide Judiciary and Campus Living, for violation of an alcohol or other drug policy or law, on or off campus. UB-SAFER referral page

Presentations and Training

Ongoing programs are available for Campus Living, Greek chapters, athletic teams, and Student Association clubs. Topics presented by Wellness Education Services staff and interns include: Alcohol Bystander Intervention workshop and Women and Alcohol workshop. Student leaders can submit an online program request.

In addition, WES staff meets with Resident Advisors to train them in skills to identify signs of alcohol and drug abuse and how to seek help for students at risk.

Alcohol and Drug Free Activities

On-going Wellness activities are available to students so they may learn healthy ways to socialize that do not involve alcohol and drugs. Visit Life & Learning Workshops to register. A list of Late Night events External Site Link Icon Thursday through Saturday nights are also available online.

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