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Sherri Darrow, MS, PhD.

Wellness Education Services

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University at Buffalo
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Contact: Sherri Darrow
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Monday - Thursday
9 am - 5 pm
9 am - 3pm

Sherri Darrow, MS, PhD.

Director: Wellness Education Services

During the past year, Wellness Education Services strengthened partnerships both inside and outside the university. We conducted student-wide assessments, trained health and violence prevention advocates, all with the goal of improving the health of our students and teaching them the skills to manage their wellness for the long-term.

Our Mission

The mission of Wellness Education Services is to advance the health of students and contribute to the creation of an institutional and community climate of health and social justice.1

Wellness is composed of a multidisciplinary team of professionals who offer opportunities for exploration of the intersection between environment, identity, and wellness while working towards a more health normative campus culture. We accomplish this through creative programs, services and interactive outreach methods including innovative technologies and other evidence based and promising strategies.2

1. Council for the Advancement of Standards in Higher Education (2012).
2. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Student Affairs (2/9/2015).

Our Services

Wellness Education Services is here to support students wherever they are at in the development of life-long healthy behaviors. We coordinate activities on both campuses including yoga, late-night activities and Life & Learning Workshops. Our relaxation suite at 114 Student Union is open Monday through Friday, 9 am - 5 pm. For students who want to get more involved with wellness on campus, there are internship, peer education, and other opportunities.

For faculty and staff, the professional staff members of Wellness Education Services are available for classroom lectures, class projects, campus health research, and health-related programs.

Who should use our services?

WES programs are open to all University at Buffalo students (undergraduate, graduate and professional). We also provide consultation, trainings and support on all of our topics areas faculty, staff and student at UB (see below). On both campuses, students participate in our programs and help us to create and implement new programs to reach more diverse students. Our services include: peer education internships, late-night activities, classroom lectures, residence hall programs, Life & Learning Workshops, outdoor adventures, a health and wellness resource suite located in the Student Union, and media campaigns.

Join with us and let us support you in your personal efforts to maintain and improve your health, your academic success and to fulfill your personal dreams. And, we challenge you to do your part to assure the health of our campus community.

Faculty & Staff
The professional staff of Wellness Education Services are available for classroom lectures, classroom projects, campus health research, and health related internships. The following topics are the main focus areas for our campus health promotion efforts:

In addition, faculty and staff can refer students dealing with alcohol and/or drug issues to our UB-SAFER (Students Avoiding Further Exposure to Risk) program.


Sherri Darrow, MS, PhD.

Kara Fitzpatrick
Health Promotion Program Assistant

Marla McBride, MS, CRC
Associate Director
Alcohol and Other Drug Harm Reduction Coordinator

Anna Sotelo-Peryea, MUP
Assistant Director
Violence Prevention Coordinator

Aaron Maracle, LMSW
Assistant Violence Prevention Specialist

Janice Cochran, MS, RD, CDN
Nutrition and Physical Activity Promotion Coordinator

Sharlynn Daun-Barnett, LMSW
Stress Management Program Coordinator

Jackie Singer, MSEd, CASAC-T
Alcohol and Other Drug Harm Reduction Specialist

University Partnerships

In order to build and maintain a healthy campus community, Wellness Education Services works in partnership with other Student Affairs units and with academic departments, to reach students with effective messages and programs.

In addition to our coordinated efforts with the Student Wellness Team (Counseling Services and Student Health Services) we join with these university partners to develop and implement the programs and services that promote student health and wellness and support academic success:

  • Department of Public Safety - University Police
  • Global Gender Studies
  • Division of Athletics
  • Campus Dining and Shops
  • Educational Opportunity Program (EOP)
  • Health Education and Human Services (HEHS)
  • Institute for Research & Education on Women & Gender (IREWG)
  • Center for Student Leadership and Community Engagement (CSLCE)
  • New Student Programs (NSP)
  • Office of Judicial Affairs and Student Advocacy
  • Intercultural and Diversity Center
  • Campus Living

If your group would like to further the health of University at Buffalo students, contact us regarding partnership opportunities.

Wellness Education Services | 114 Student Union | University at Buffalo | Buffalo, NY 14260-2100 | Tel: (716) 645-2837 | Fax: (716) 645-6234 | Contact: Sherri Darrow | E-Mail: General