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About Campus Transportations Services (Buses & Shuttles)

The following campus transportation services, which are free of charge to students, are supported by the transportation fee paid by each student. Many commuter students will park once in the morning and then use University transportation throughout the day.

UB Stampede Buses

University at buffalo Stampede Bus

The University provides connecting bus service between the North and South Campuses on UB Stampede buses which run approximately every 5 to 10 minutes Monday through Friday during the academic year; every 30 to 60 minutes on weekends and during the summer.

Stampede Bus Stop Locations

Late Night Stampede Service

Three UB Stampede buses operate Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays on the UB Late Night route. The Late Night buses service Ellicott Tunnel, Lee Loop, Governors Hall, Maple Ridge Centre, Maynard Rd. (at Grover Cleveland Highway), Goodyear Hall and Main Circle. Pickups are made every 20 minutes at each of the above locations from 8 pm through 3:30 am, excluding holidays.

UB Stampede: Campus Identification Required to Ride

The University requires passengers to swipe their UB Card in to a card reader as they enter UB Stampede buses. This policy is designed to ensure campus transportation services are accessible and available for members of our campus community, while also providing a safe and secure environment. The below listed guidelines serve to outline how the access system will be enforced.

All passengers must swipe their card through the card reader at the front of the bus upon entry. The screen will change to Green if the card belongs to a current UB student, faculty, or staff member; and will change to Red if the card does not belong to a current member of the campus community. Those who display Green will proceed to the seat of their choice. Drivers will engage those who swipe a card that elicits a Red light, inquiring about their status and the nature of their visit to campus.

Drivers may use the following exception buttons to allow the person aboard:

  1. Missing/Lost card (card not presented, person genuinely appears to not be able to locate it on their person)
  2. Damaged card (card presented but mag-stripe obviously compromised)

The following lists occasions where drivers will be instructed to use discretion, or not require swiping:

  1. UB affiliate identification is presented
  2. Event special requests scheduled through Parking & Transportation
  3. Visitor, accompanied by a member of the campus community (only 2 guests allowed per student/faculty/staff member)
  4. Passenger presents a ticket or ticket stub for an event that day/evening
  5. Large campus events, as identified by Parking & Transportation Services
  6. At the direction of Parking & Transportation Services personnel.

Questions or concerns regarding this new initiative may be directed to Parking & Transportation Services at 645-7329.

North Campus Shuttle Services

South/Downtown Campus Shuttles

Mall/Market Shuttle Service

Let us take you shopping! The Mall/Market bus and shuttle runs Saturdays during the fall and spring semester when classes are in session. Shuttles will provide transportation to Target, WalMart, Wegmans, Tops (on Maple Rd) and the Boulevard Mall from both North and South Campuses.

Shuttle Stops/Routes

Public Transportation Services

  • NFTA Metro Services routes and schedule information External Site Link Icon
  • NFTA Trip Planner: External Site Link Icon Plan your next metro bus or rail trip (includes airport, bus and train terminals)
  • NFTA Metro Bus Stops On-Campus
    • North Campus: Augspurger Rd. (front of Jacobs B), Augspurger Rd. (front of Campus Mail), Corner of Service Center Rd. and Flint Rd. (across from Center for Tomorrow), and Flint Loop.
    • South Campus: Rapid Transit Station, Bailey Ave./Michael Rd. intersection, Bailey Ave./Sherman Road
    • NFTA Metro bus stops are designated by a single-tone square, on the campus maps
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