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The career decision-making process is not necessarily linear, sequential, or ordered. We will each be discovering new things about ourselves and our career aspirations for the rest of our working lives.

Selecting an academic major and career path is a gradual process that involves a combination of self-assessment, occupational and industry research, and experience in the real world to "test out" your career interests. There are many resources at your disposal to help make this discovery process less overwhelming and more enjoyable and exciting! Career Services is here to support you through your major and career exploration journey! Career Services is here to support you through your major and career exploration journey through the following services:

Choosing a Major

Have fun and get creative with your academic planning! There are more than 100 majors and several different degree options available at UB. You can pursue a joint major, double major, combined degree, minor or certificate program, and more! Did you know you can even create your own special major? Student Advising Services External Site Link Icon has several resources to help including:

How Do Majors and Careers Relate?

Occupational Research

These tools can help you gather basic information about occupations of interest, such as working conditions, required education, training, and skills, salary trends, job prospects, and more:

Connect With Someone in Your Field of Interest

Gain Experience to Help You Explore Options

If you're looking to make sure a career is for you, there are several ways you can enter into a decision with confidence. Gaining some experience in the field is an essential step to helping you explore different career options. Check out some examples below of how to "reality test" potential career options:

Chris Hollister

Brent D. Arcangel Career Resource Library

Visit the Brent D. Arcangel Career Resource Library to explore majors and careers! Our library contains print information in three sections – career exploration, job/internship search, and advanced degrees – and includes everything from Jobs for English Majors to The Everything Get-A-Job Book. Computer terminals are also available for students to research majors/careers, job search, use BullsEye, or work on resumes and cover letters.

New! Use Library Thing External Site Link Icon to search the UB Career Services Library catalog and identify materials that can help with your career planning.

Library Thing

Instructions for Using LibraryThing:

  • Click on "Search UB_Career_Services Books" on the upper right hand side of the page. Type a simple search term (e.g. 'Biology') and search "All Collections." You may also search by clicking on a "Tag" term.
  • Click on a book title for more information, and visit the Career Services Library to view materials of interest in more detail.

Note: Although materials are not available for check-out, you may view materials at your leisure during open office hours. Career Services staff is available to help you identify and locate library resources and provide assistance with your career questions and concerns.


Library Hours: Monday - Friday, 8:30 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Express Career Consult: visit our student page for current hours and services.

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